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Auriea Harvey
born 1971 USA/BELGIUM living/working since 1999
my website:
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I was born in Indianapolis Indiana in 1971. After graduating high school, at age 18 I moved to New York City and studied Sculpture in the Fine Arts Department of Parsons School of Design. It is also at Parsons in the early 90s where I discovered and developed my fascination with using computers in art. I made this the focus of my practice and once I found the Internet in 1994 created websites as both an artist and as a professional designer, under the moniker of Entropy8. I got a lot of attention for that that the time, being awarded a fellowship in Experimental Media by the New York Foundation for the Arts and making websites for clients as various as Virgin Records’ rock stars to net art for The Walker Art Center’s “Gallery 9” project. Little-known fun fact: I won the first two Webby awards for Artistic Website in 1996 and 1997.
In 1999 I met fellow net artist Michael Samyn and we began our collaboration by combining our domains into For that we were awarded by the SFMOMA for our project The Godlove Museum and we gave live/online performances using our Wirefire engine to crowds at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City. We made countless websites and small net art curios, we were shown internationally and our work was included in many books and publications at the time.
Tiring of the Internet in 2003 we turned our attention to videogames by founding Tale of Tales. We took 2 years as post-grad design researchers with the Jan Van Eyck Academy in Maastricht and taught ourselves how videogames were made. We created prototypes for our first game ‘8’ and ended up with more questions than answers. We set about calling the game industry to task for how commerce was placed over artistry. We were happy when independent game development became feasible.
Over 13 years we released 8 videogames. Our first release was in 2005, multiplayer game “The Endless Forest” is still playable online and has a thriving community to this day. We wrote the Realtime Art Manifesto in 2006 based on our desire to see more artists using the medium of videogames. We further defined that philosophy with our notgames initiative around 2010, which was a call for all developers to design realtime software beyond known videogame genres and tropes. Along with Cologne Gamelab, in 2011, 2013 and 2015 we curated “notgames fest” which was a bi-annual festival of such games. We are perhaps best known for THe Graveyard which was the purest expression of our game design philosophy, and The Path which is our best-selling videogame and both were also the most controversial: for simplicity of design, the focus on women, and presentation of ideas about living and dying as opposed to mere gaming. We received the IGF Nuovo Award for Luxuria Superbia in 2014 and made our last videogame in 2015 with the release of political drama “SUNSET”.

I must admit around 2011 I was already ready to quit making videogames. I had some rather formative drawing lessons at Sint-Lucas Academy in Gent and at Studio Escalier in Paris which helped me look back at my love of Art History and turned my lifelong love of drawing into a focal-point for me to remember why I started making anything at all in the first place. This was the start of whatever it is I am doing now.

After videogames, life is in motion. Rather than games I look to the synthesis of what I know about artistic collaborations with computers, game engines and 3d material. I currently focus on VR projects and research. Michael and I have a few things in the works which include VR and physical based installation. I teach. In 2016 at Parsons Paris I taught drawing and digital imaging and 3D experimentation. In 2018 I shall begin the first department of Games at art school, Kunsthochschule Kassel. I am once again involved with physical sculpture as well: Using digital means I’m creating figurative artworks actuallized by 3d printing and moldmaking into real-world materials.

To be continued.

BFA: Sculpture, Parsons School of Design, New York

(Videogame) Design Research: Jan Van Eyck Academie, Maastricht, Netherlands

co-founder of Tale of Tales (with Michael Samyn)

Videogames released by Tale of Tales:

The Endless Forest
The Graveyard
The Path
Bientôt l’été
Luxuria Superbia

post-videogame releases:


Current VR projects:



b. 1971
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Sinking ships since 1994.

This site began on 2004-06-20 primarily as a private digital SketchBook. It is Auriea’s EncyclopediaOfEverything, where she and the TenThousandThings become miraculously, deeply, InterTwingled.

see also: WhatIsAWiki, UnknownKnowns
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