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The Archive To Come

The Archive to Come
Telematic Media Arts presents The Archive to Come
An exhibition of short, time-based works
On-line, In Social VR, and In the Gallery
‪October 22nd - December 17th, 2020‬
My short video clip “Islanders” was on view
This work is of a 3D scan made in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. “Facial casts of Nias islanders JP Kleiweg de Zwaan 1910”, an installation of early 20th century life casts.
I never stop wondering who these people were. What is so appealing about broken things? My 3D capture was done in less than ideal circumstances, leading to the broken nature of the model. I attempt to contemplate something lost to time. Impressions of forms taken, better whole than broken... and yet. The video capture is me playing with the sunlight I’ve set up in my 3d program, complete with clicks and drags....

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Fauna at UNTITLED art fair with bitforms gallery


Fauna, 2018
3d printed plaster and bronze, clay, natural fossil, paint
dimensions: 169cm-w\200cm-h\143cm-d

In the Kingdom No.19
AR Sculpture / Physical Sculpture - at ProjectProject gallery Omaha

SightTableSimulation1 SightTableSimulation2
ProjectProject_InstallationView1 ProjectProject_InstallationView2

Example No.22



A lecture/performance and exhibition for the Kasseler Dokfest 2018
Exhibition of 3D printworks: 13-18 Nov, Lecture: 15 Nov
Location: BALi Kinos Kulturbahnhof
Example No.22 Installation Images

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VR Labyrith exploration, for a 4x4 meter environment, 2017


To build a labyrinth it takes
A twisted mind, a puzzled art,
A fractal branching of mistakes.

Drag out the shovels and the rakes,
The spirit level, sacred chart.
To build a labyrinth it takes

Shadows, stones, a way that snakes
And ladders to its shaky start;
An average mazing of mistakes,

The kind that everybody makes,
Set random intervals apart.
To build a labyrinth it takes

Dead ends that seem like lucky breaks,
The paths of bats that weave and dart
Through limestone caverns of mistakes.

The shaken Etch A Sketch awakes
A lost child buried in its heart.
To build a labyrinth it takes
Some good intentions, some mistakes.

''physical setup - 4x4 meter space surrounded by chairs''
''physical setup - 4x4 meter space surrounded by chairs''
''diagram taped on the floor, for devlog see: NoQuarter.''
''diagram taped on the floor, for devlog see: NoQuarter.''

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