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Trail: Example No.22 lables

Example No.22 lables

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Exhibitions Example No.22Magdalene

These sculptures were inspired by various tales about the life of biblical figure Mary Magdelene. The first disciple of Jesus Christ, in folklore she is said to have travelled to the south of France by boat to live out her last years in a cave in the mountains. At the base of the mountain, in a nearby village, at the church of Saint-Maximin-la-Sainte-Baume, one can still view the proclaimed skull of Mary Magdalene. These sculptures picture the Saint in her holy cave with her signature long hair and attributes of book and skull. But rather than the usual interpretation of penitence she is envisioned as pensive. The artist, contemplating through the figure, in realisation that while mistakes may have been made, she regrets nothing. The form is based on the 3D scan of a model, manipulated with 3D software, then output in various materials.

The Minoriea

A VR Labyrinth with the fountain of Heaven above and a creature living at its depths. This mythical beast is known as The Minoriea.
In folklore her mother was the Cow-godess Doris while her father is unknown, but in many tales he is the child-god Harpocrates.
Here are fine examples of her three ages.

Example #22

An exhibition of 3D Printworks
by Auriea Harvey (

Made with the technique
of 3D printing and handcraft
A collaboration between herself and her machines.