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Basic Romanian Phrases

 haide = come on!
 YES = DA da
 NO = NU noo
 PLEASE = VA ROG ver rog
 PARDON? = POFTIM? pooftem
 THANK YOU = MULT¸UMESC mooltsoomesc
 GOOD MORNING = BUNA DIMINEAT¸A booner deemeenatsa
 GOOD AFTERNOON = BUNA ZIUA booner zeewah
 GOOD NIGHT = NOAPTE BUNAnwapteh booner
 SEE YOU LATER = PE CURÂND peh coorand
 GOOD-BYE = LA REVEDERE la revedereh
 WHAT IS YOUR NAME? = CUM VA NUMIT¸I? coom ver noomeets
 MY NAME IS... = MA NUMESC... mer noomesc
 HOW ARE YOU? = CE MAI FACET¸I? cheh migh fachetsi
 FINE, THANKS. AND YOU? = MULT¸UMESC BINE, S¸I DUMNEAVOASTRA? mooltsoomesc beeneh shee doomnavwastrer
 I DON'T UNDERSTAND. = NU ÎNT¸ELEG. noo intseleg
 DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH? = VORBIT¸I ENGLEZES¸TE? vorbeetsi englezeshteh
 I DON'T SPEAK ROMANIAN. = NU VORBESC ROMÂNES¸TE. noo vorbesc rominehshteh