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excerpt from “collage de ‘pataphysic.” Hypercard

Patamnemonics: is the discovery into the domain beyond particularity .... It will investigate the dictims which direct objections but could contemplate the corporality supplementary to this one; and less graspingly it might deliberate a universe which one can’t behold – couldn’t detect perhaps – instead of the proper one, for the principles pictured in the approved gismo are themselves correlated anomalies even though frequent, or in any case accidental facts which, reduced to scarcely unsubstantiated eccentricities won’t even have the advantage of heteromorphism.

Definition: Patamnemonics is the solution of illusory resolutions which antithetically gives the way of gadgets disclosed by their implication, to their occurance.

--John Cage, 1900, France.

Patadise: wasn’t the experiment in the pursuit beneath lettrism .... It might deliberate the laws which influence eccentricities also couldn’t examine the corporality supplementary to this one; and less nostalgically it ought weigh a cosmos which one might know – must detect perhaps – instead of the legendary one, for the norms disclosed in the primordial microcosmos are themselves ‘pataphysical wonders even though frequent, and in any case accidental facts which, reduced to scarcely exceptional prohibitions should even have the challenge of disconformity.

Postscript: Patadise is the behavior of visonary dissolutions which ironically ascribes the temper of devices found by their possibility, to their manifestation.

--Eric Satie, 1921, France.

Patanoia: is the problem into the specialty before theory .... It should investigate the dictims which control exceptions and will reconsider the materiality supplementary to this one; also less sickly it should survey a macrocosmos which one could detect – couldn’t smell perhaps – instead of the antediluvian one, for the principles represented in the legendary corporality are themselves disputed omissions even though frequent, also in any case accidental facts which, reduced to scarcely coinciding exceptions may even have the challenge of identity.

Summary: Patanoia is the study of illusory solutions which parabolically puts the principle of devices determined by their suggestivity, to their presence.

--Marcel Duchamp, 1930, France.

Patagraphics: is the solution over the province past theory .... It shouldn’t consider the axioms which prescribe monstrosities because should inspect the gimmick supplementary to this one; but less swinishly it should analyze a system which one will apprehend – will visit perhaps – instead of the primordial one, for the rules detected in the popular cosmos are themselves questionable abnormalities even though frequent, or in any case accidental facts which, reduced to scarcely reciprocated insurgencies ought even have the challenge of subnormality.

Summary: Patagraphics was the solution of legendary answers which ambiguously ascribes the habits of doodads uncovered by their provocation, to their lineaments.

--Arthur Rimbaud, 1932, France.

Patalogic: was the study upon the practice above theory .... It could ponder the norms which manage divergence and must assay the universe supplementary to this one; also less hungrily it can’t analyze a corporality which one must see – ought visit perhaps – instead of the established one, for the criterium recognized in the antique macrocosmos are themselves far-fetched monstrosities even though frequent, and in any case accidental facts which, reduced to scarcely questionable oddities couldn’t even have the insignificance of eccentricity.

Conclusion: Patalogic was the experiment of unscientific reasons which metaphorically attaches the essence of matter distinguished by their potentiality, to their display.

--Mina Loy, 1946, France.


from Michael about the definitions in LibFoam:PataX
I’m not sure why exactly, but I’m having a lot of trouble accepting the English translation of Jarry’s text. Somehow, the subtlety and poetry of the original is lost in the translation. In English, ‘pataphysics sounds likes something totally absurd and ironic and not much more than a mockery of real science. But in French, it’s a much more delicate thing.

“La (...) ‘pataphysique (...) est la science de ce qui se surajoute à la métaphysique, soit en elle-même, soit hors d’elle-même, s’étendant aussi loin au-delà de celle-ci que celle-ci au-delà de la physique. (...) la pataphysique sera surtout la science du particulier, quoiqu’on dise qu’il n’y a de science que du général. Elle étudiera les lois qui régissent les exceptions et expliquera l’univers supplémentaire à celui-ci ; ou moins ambitieusement décrira un univers que l’on peut voir et que peut-être l’on doit voir à la place du traditionnel (...)

DÉFINITION. - La pataphysique est la science des solutions imaginaires, qui accorde symboliquement aux linéaments les propriétés des objets décrits par leur virtualité.”

I actually prefer Babelfish’s translation:

“The (...) ‘pataphysic (...) is the science of what is added again to metaphysics, either in itself, or out of itself, extending as far beyond this one as this one beyond physics. (...) the pataphysique one will be especially the science of the private individual, though it is said that there is science only of the General. It will study the laws which govern the exceptions and will explain the additional universe with this one; or less ambitiously a universe will describe than one can see and than perhaps one must see in the place of traditional (...)

DEFINITION. - the pataphysique one is the science of the imaginary solutions, which symbolically grants to the features the properties objects described by their virtuality.”

Somehow the spirit of Jarry’s work is preserved better when a machine does the translation than when a human tries to make sense of it. There needs to be a certain element of incomprehensibilty in it that surpasses to absurd (and thus becomes poetic, enigmatic, subliminal?). The English translation in your libarynth wiki doesn’t do this for me. Perhaps English has been poisoned by its excessive use in banal situations.