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Trail: 2005-01-16 sweetheart the night

2005-01-16 sweetheart the night

this morning began with thoughts of making my own little web business and ended with considering if a person cut in half could be sewn back together. are these thoughts related?
as for, the web business. the slogan would be:
handcrafted, high design style, easy to maintain
Based on wiki technology you no longer have to pay for costly programming!
– cut --
I am thinking I can now update/finish the sites for Ben and Sunny plus make one for Mama and her bookclub. If I only spend a week per each little website job I could charge as little as 800 Euro... yeah I didn’t say the site was gonna be cheap criKet! it’s gotta be enough so that we cna pay some bills with the money I would get from such endeavours.

but if the top half of your body were seperatee from your bottom half?

if there was a terrible accident, and one were completely severed in two. could doctors/ surgeons save your life? can they re-connect everything?

I’ve been thinking alot about ananatomy and ressurecting that project too. maybe it would be good enough to get a little funding from Turbulence and it wouldn’t be hard to solidify the concept better, it would just take some courage on my part and somebody to do the actionscript. I know these little ideas do not appeal to Michael at all. but it is the only stuf i can think of to make money.

i’ve only ever made money making things i enjoy

he and i can think up a 1001 schemes but he is always too abitious. i want to take a year off from being that way, it think. so we should develop 144, but other things might work too. he always wants to do the hardest thing, unless it is completely disconnected from his creativity (like the mosex work) i want to be involved WITH my creativity in SOMETHING. or else, i die... okay that is melodramatic.... lets hope the surgeons have the technology to make 2 one again.