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Trail: 2005-02-05 small pleasures

2005-02-05 small pleasures

And that bush guy probably still thinks he’s going to heaven. I look forward to seeing his astonished face when i meet him in hell.

I will be glad when capitalism is over. I am eager to try a new system. It seems that consumer culture is out of control. I bet people have been saying that for decades.


Lately, and by lately i mean the last few years... It’s as if,... as if , if it’s not in here then i doesn’t mean anything. My art, my love, my work. all joined in here. but there is no here here. it could all go up in a puff of smoke. i guess that is possible no matter what the medium. perhaps, after all, unification is a scary thing. but if i am always looking inward... is that,... good?

I wonder what it is like to have a life outside of here? sometimes. i wonder that. am i trapped by my own dreams? i try to think back to before it all happened and i wonder was i happier? was i fulfilled? my instict, or hindsight or whatever you want to call it tells me “no” but are these just the words of a hopeless computer addict? haha! a new hindsight is needed!

Small Pleasures