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Trail: 2005-02-07 The Day Before

2005-02-07 The Day Before

Today I fixed up the wireless modem. Gave it a nice sensible password so that the whole neighborhood couldn’t access our network. Went out. To the Library. Wanted Lolita but ended up with Orlando. Will make nice reading while I am laid up in the hospital.

Think I will work a bit more on the extensions I programmed the other day, make some more NotesForANewE8Z and go play some Pikmin before dinner. Yeah I am feeling just that disconnected from work. I guess this is how it works. The poor get poorer (and fatter) I weighed 62kg this morning! michael is just this side of 70! life! I just want us to always be happy. not like today. today is quite obviously, the day before.



-do i continue to dream my small dreams? or not.
-many japanese designers i admire are going to be speaking at GDC. i am trying not to care.