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Trail: 2005-03-25 Last night's dream

2005-03-25 Last night's dream

I was still with Marc. I was looking at red stipples on his back he was white almost blue. I had different hair, straight, bob-cut. I was in pajamas. Leaving down a long hallway with lots of sun and I suddenly passed out I remember the view from the floor.

Staring up in my delirium I kept mumbling “rebuild, rebuild, rebuild”
I think i meant books.

The thing that made all this so sad was I was looking at him and I knew I didn’t love him and I wanted desperately to know where Michael was.. but I knew he did not exist here, in this time.

I wonder if this is the “me” in an alternate reality? One where I stayed with Marc, where I had his children. Where i was desperately unhappy...


I will say this about this reality. Life here is impossibly good. It just gets dull at times but it is a dulness one can love. at least, I can. But I know i shouldn’t kid myself. there will come a time when i will need a jolt. i’ll try not to burn down any forests.