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actually, i feel that i should be making clocks. always. time and the doubting of it are the only engine that really means anything to me. time and randomness. it makes me cry, just to think of it, sometimes.

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TimeLine A Timeline of Timelines



By 2036, people are making progress in recovering from the war. There are five US states (the seat of government is in Omaha, Nebraska). Society is considerably decentralized, focused on tight-knit rural communities. There is more emphasis on religion, personal interaction (as opposed to mass media and other sources of social isolation) and self-sufficiency. Technology does not seem to be widely affected, however, with “predictable” advances such as rapid rail transport between cities, space travel and genetic engineering complementing the exotic advances necessary for time travel. Water must still be filtered or distilled to remove radioactive particles and life is harsh, with people expected to work in the fields to produce locally-grown food for part of their day.