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Trail: 2005-03-26


spent the day making a new sketchbook. i was just in the mood.
it is all uneven. i am calling it in-between
it makes a statement like it’s nothing but
i also subtitled it “the anarchist book design”
i still need a cover
maybe that will evolve as i imagine the rest of the book will too.

after a day of “physical labour” i can remember why i like digital media so much. so i don[‘t give up on that yet, though i am pretty thrilled to have a REAL book to play in.

i wish the net didn’t depress me so
i wish i could have some drug to make it all slow down
i wish i hadn’t inhereted this whiny-ness from my mother

but the beauty that this diary has over a physical journal is that i can easily ammend or trash these silly words that i say. in the analogue books they are there living for eternity! or at least until i burn them.
i do feel the digital is superior
it is just lacking
i need to be outside, i cannot be outside with this sketching
i don’t want to take a picutre, i want my

 own impressionsi