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Trail: 2005-03-31


don’t you dare be afraid now.

i cleaned the koer but good today.
it needs a table.
i would love to spend the day planning it out tomorrow
but we go to gorik’s place the whole day
i do look forward to it.
wish the kids didn’t hurt my nerves
they are hurt enough
but i felt better
spending the day cleaning outside
it needs a table.
then i can sit there at
and drink tea
and type
and draw and
listen to the birds
and the sounds of the city
sort of outside. anyway.

got a [50Books book] of W.B. Yeats poetry and added the following as the homepage of

Murderous little world once our objects had gazes. Our lives
Were fragile, the wind
Could dash them away. Here lies the refugee breather
Who drank a bowl of elsewhere.

Anne Carson “EPITAPH: ZION”