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Trail: 2007-01-17


the plan worked. i set my alarm months ago to go off tonight. went to see BlowUp at the Sphinx cinema. I admire this film, a lot. And it was a fine way to see 60’s cinema... large. the plot happens as part of his everyday. it was almost incomprehensible how women were so submissive as if to say, here’s your sexual revolution, work in progress, not done yet, come back in 20 years and see how we’re doing. but the ambient quality of the plot, that is something. nothing matters anymore at least in this guy’s world. for one moment he paused from his life of distractions hall of mirrors to care about something. for one moment he wasn’t so bored with his rich life. he found what he was looking for but soon as he got distracted by something else, the meaning was gone again, hidden/stolen away from him. leaving him to what his life had always been and will be day after day. still, it’s good to be the photographer. i can see why all the guys in the photo departement at parsons back in the day loved this film so much ;) they all wanted jane birkin rolling around on the floor with another girl, ripping their clothes off for the mere chance of having the charming wolf take their photograph. ah and his photo equipment, ah!