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Trail: 2007-03-20



games are mostly thought of as systems, as numbers. but i think we try to come at it as if games are worlds, atmospheres in which you can become immersed. we design that experience and make that fun. BuiltForJoy. if in the end there is a game there then that is good. but we want you to feel something first and foremost. it is not about scores or systems or spreadsheets or “gaming” even as such. it is like a poem or painting where reading it for a few moments can change your life. you are inside and interacting with a story with a world. we provide to elements needed to bring that world to life for you. we create situations you want to walk through, sybols for your to interpret. the rest is up to you. you make the story in your mind. maybe it inspires you to write it down. mabe you want to go back and play in that world some more? we hope so!