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Trail: 2009-03-30 gdc notes

2009-03-30 gdc notes

We were so busy we didn’t get to go to many sessions at the GDC.
Keita Takahashi’s talk was certainly the most lively and inspiring that we did see.
He spoke about freeing himself of constraint.

his slide:
Indeed it was a big theme for us and for many designers.
I find this undercurrent more and more,
Why not make a game about whatever you want?

I think indie game devs are really showing the way as far as this is concerned.

Jenova says his next game will be about “weakness.”
He also talked about “spirituality” in games.
I look forward to whatever this means!

On the way home, in the airplane for 10 hours flying from SF to london to brusssels
it is so boring, but the best action is outside the window.
how special it is to be that high in the air!
i kept thinking, wouldn’t it be great to make a game about being in a plane looking down
and wondering about those lights on the ground
those things must be small viallages
and the lights are clusters of people.
amazing how i am looking at the tops of mountains
and there are little villages of people among all that snow
i wonder where we are?

but it felt awesome
in the biblical sense.
and to make a game that could make someone else feel that awesome
isn’t that a goal? it is for me. i dont care so much about whether a game is fun or not.
i want to make people feel complex emotions, mostly.
to me this is a goal.