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  1. Hello, I am Auriea Harvey he is Michael Samyn, we are Tale of Tales, an Independent developer of video games located in Ghent Belgium.

slide 02 - games

  1. Since 2002 we hve been making games that are intended to challenge and stretch what can happen with interactivity and narrative using games technology. Our exploration of the medium has lead us to make games that are somewhat controversial to spite their seemingly humble themes.
  2. For example, we’ve made a game, called 8, based on Sleeping Beauty which takes place in a palace during 500 years of sleep; A game bout an old woman who visits a Graveyard and either lives or dies a natural death; And a multiplayer online game where everyone plays enchanted deer frolicking in a magical idyllic forest.

slide 03 - 6sisters

  1. But our most devisive game to date is our Creative Capital sponsored project, The Path, which we’ve released back in March.
  2. The Path is a short horror game based on older darker versions of the Little Red Ridinghood fairy tale.
  3. The main charcters are the 6 Red Girls, sisters, who one by one will become your avatar, 6 wolves, one Grandmother and the a Girl dressed In White.

slide 04 - screenshots

  1. The game is set in present day and as soon as you get outside you will be able to see that the girls live on the outskirts of a big city. You will also immediately notice the path which leads through the woods.
  2. There is only one rule in the game, and that is “Stay on The Path!” And if you stay on the path, you end up at Grandmother’s quickly. You find her safe and well and everything is good. Game over. Begin Again.
  3. But The Path is a game turned inside out. You can only have fun, and truly play the game, by not following the ONE and ONLY, very explicit rule.
  4. While every action is optional you will want to explore. Though exploration you interact with various objects and gather memories which change the reality of your Grandmothers House once you get there.
  5. And if you should meet your wolf, and in turn are devoured in the end, when you start again you learn that there is one less girl to choose from. SUCCESS!
  6. This is a game which those who have played it have found both a beautiful, sensitive and joyous exploration of girlhood and a devastating emotional experience. Each person who plays makes their own Path.

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