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Some CharacterDesigners I admire:

Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy III DS version

Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy VI
Interview -

Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2,Final Fantasy XI, Final Fantasy XIII
responsible, i think, for the crazy fashions.

Character Designer/Cocept Artist for the Metal Gear Solid/Zone of the Enders games.

Yoji Shinkawa’s Brush Pen

When and why did you start using the brush pen?
Shinkawa: This is where Yoshikazu Yasuhiko comes into the story. 

When was this?
Shinkawa: There were books on how to draw manga, and the books tell you to use a “G pen.” I bought a G pen and couldn’t draw with it at all. Then I came across “Arion” by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko. The lines were really beautiful. They were done with brushes. That’s when I decided to use a brush. It worked so much better than the G pen. So I imitated his technique.

Do you have any tutorials on your drawing methods and if not are you planning to make any? The graphics in-game and your illustrations are incredible! Something like “Your First Illustration” by Yoji Shinkawa. 
Shinkawa: No way! I’m not that much of an artist.
Have you ever been asked to teach at an art school? 
Shinkawa: Me? No way!! I’m the one who would like to be taught. (laughs) 

Can you please give him some kind of advice? 
Shinkawa: Buy a “Pentel brush pen!” (laughs) 

Buy a brush pen sold by the company Pentel. “Import it if necessary,” is your advice, right? 
Shinkawa: I use one whose tip has become a bit rough. If I want to draw beautiful lines, I use a proper one. A genius can draw with any brush, but I have to make different choices accordingly.

Does it have to be a brush pen? How about a regular brush? 
Shinkawa: I’ve tried using regular brush many times, but they are too fine and soft. The brush of a Pentel brush pen uses Nylon or some synthetic fiber and is coarse. This works better.