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Trail: CountessTheWorldHasChanged


Quoth TheLessonOfNNCountess, the world has changed.

           Nonsense.  How could it change?  People are the same, I hope.
           No, Countess.  The people aren't the same.  The people are
           different.  There has been an invasion.  An infiltration.  
           The world isnt beautiful any more.  It isnt happy.
           Not happy?  Is that true?  Why didn't you tell me this before?
           Because you live in a dream and we don't like to disturb you.
           a constellation 
              truly a wonderful and worthy interpretation cutting 
        across every aspect - from poetry to mathematics.
           cold with forgetfulness and lack of use
                                        not so much
                                                that it does number out
          on some vacant.simply.superior surface
                                                the successive shock
                of a total sum in formation +?
        ....i have seen sidereal archipelagos ....and isles
        whose delicious skies are open to the sea-farer
        it is in these bottomless nights that you sleep
        [whisper]  you exile your self
        ....millions of golden birds... o future energy
         networkx stretch + alter to achieve new capabilities.
         they then mesh as modules in yet grander webs of being. 
                the scuttling army helmets of the ancient seas ...