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Trail: DrawingWithAnOpenMind


drawingDrawingWithanOpenMind is a book by TedSethJacobs with whom I hope to study next year.
these are quotes from the book

The Tactile and Optical Approach to Form It has always appeared to me that human graphic art is divisible into two fundamental lines of development: the tactile is essentially a means of representing forms based upon information received through the sense of touch. The optical, or visual, is a technique for representing either what is perceived by the eye or the process of perception itself. The tactile tried to represent the model on the basis of how we think it feels, the optical accordingly to what it looks like. These approaches produce completely dissimilar results. One is tempter to categorize the physical and the optical as mental, or even as material and spiritual. Mystic revelation usually discovers that one exists in the form of the other. It is important to examine the distinctions between these two methods of perception and their transcription into art. Otherwise, we may unknowingly use one when our intention is to draw from the other.

Drawing Without Words Representational drawing becomes less flawed in proportion as the artist ceases to define verbally what is seen. Verbal terms tend to enclose what is limitless, to petrify what is in flux. For example, this can transparently be seen when an artist thinks “leg” when drawing one, particularly if the observed leg is markedly foreshortened.