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Trail: ExLibris



want to design an ExLibris for our library. Not sure if it should be printed for co-ownership of all our books or if I should design one for Michael and one for myself.


interesting info:
Generally speaking, designs can be divided into four general types: the heraldic, as in Fig. 32, consisting of crests, designs in armor, and traditional family devices; the allegorical, which represents conventionally some symbol or device associated aith the individual or his library, Fig. 33; the conventional, which introduces a purely decorative idea whose sole purpose is to render the design unique and beautiful, Fig. 34; and the pictorial, Fig. 35, which includes designs representing definite ideas associated with the owner or his library, comic situations, or crude representations. The propriety of each class of design to the individual must be judged by the designer, unless direct instructions for the character of the design are given by the owner, and one must bear in mind that these devices, being strictly personal, must be thoroughly appropriate to the books for which they are designed.