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this year Michael and I are giving the prize for Best Homepage made by a Couple.$/page2.html

As a prize we are giving:


for olia’s 1000$ homepage contest:$/page.html

mostly i am looking for homepages that move me. they must be more than simple blogs or portfolio pages, they must offer the viewer deeper insight into the life or interest of the maker.

Pure promotional portfolios were out unless they offered me somehting extra, visually or emotionally through their content. I did look for beatuy in presentation. Also good use of web technology, although this needn’t mean something technically complex.

Sites for commercial projects were almost automatically out.

I get confused sometimes if i am judging the page or the content of the page.--but no, not the content, THE PAGE! I don’t just want to see their work i want to know how they feel about their work. this is how they present themselves and how you get to know them. do they care about their page or is it a dumping ground?

if the site doesn’t give me insight into the person i need to feel that this was a conscious choice and not done simply out of fear of exposure.

But perhaps the most important thing is that i need to be drawn in. the content or the construction of the site has to draw me into this persons world.

honerable mention: