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Trail: NorwegianWood



A life is filled with connections to many people some strong, some weak connections. This book squeezes the transience of relationships into two slim volumes. I wonder why the book was split in two like that.
So yeah, today I was stuck at a “thing” with the kids in Ronse of all places. A little academy where they take singing, dancing and drawing lessons, that sort of thing. It was boring as hell. 6 hours of my life spent listening kids sing songs. I took a book along: ノルウェイの森. His writing makes me so jealous, such patience, he has. he waits and waits with his characters. Patiently he describes the details of their lives. You know just how they’re feeling. While the story isn’t exactly sad They always make me want to cry, the men in his books. And I remember details of characters lives afterwards. The small white earlobes of the women, how he meets so many people but no one has a name, how another one prefers to be alone. Hell, even the taste of the food, The sound of the sea. I guess that is what a good writer does for me.
I was telling someone just tonight that i thought the people in their stories were “cool”, I used that exact word even. But I definitely didn’t think of it as “tough”
For me it is more like they are introverted, painfully so, defiantly so. But they are comfortable with that. They live in what they feel are pointless times doing things that are just there for passing their “pointless” lives. But then they find that there are so many moments that give life meaning... That life is made up of these little bright moments, that might hurt more than they would like, but that is life. And the bright moments are how you know you are alive. You cannot avoid them nor can you make them happen... his guys realize they need to savor those important moments....
It takes somebody cool to realize that. Uncool people just go crazy. >_<
I am reading Norwegian Wood btw. that is the guy I am most thinking of. But the man in Wild Sheep Chase was just the same.