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Trail: Prado


ProofOfMyExistence OutsideSomeplace Spain Madrid Velazquez <3 Standing in front of Las Meninas. surprised by brushwork. muddy and rough. + That blurry little portrait of the King + Queen Proportion and motion and a Nun. I should remember its not about the detail being fine but the strokes being alive! The canvas is stitched in 3 parts "La vernerable madre Jerónian** de la Fuente" and all the writing she stands on. the rope. "La reina doña Margarita de Austria" Juan Carreno De Miranda "Eugenia Martinez Vallejo" "la Monstrua", vestida kleine dikke schate What can i say about Fra Angelico "Annunciation" curious how he did the floor. and the rough gold of the cloth behind her she sits on. see it a a comic strip almost. AGNUS DEI Robert Campion "The betrothal of the Virgin" Dirk Bouts "La Annunciation" "La Visitacion" "The Adoration of the Angles" "La Epifonia" "The Fountain of Grace" -------------------------- Where is the story of Lucifer told???? Standing in front of The Garden of Earthly Delights. Such a beautiful and playful painting. Examining the textures. Eating freely from the tree I need to buy a Giant book of Bosch! l/u PATINIR 19th century Joaquin Sorolla * José Moreno Carbonero "Conversion of the Duke of Gandia Such a beauty thickness of paint the skull on the robe of the priest Madrazo, Raimundo d e "The Extraction of the Stone of Madness"