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Trail: WildSheepChase



A Wild Sheep Chase, by HarukiMurakami

I read the book two weeks ago and then it was taken back to the bibliotheek so my memory of it is a bit fuzzy. Somehow this seems appropriate for this book.
My memory of it is of being in the hospital. I was there having a hysterectomy but that is not so important, the reason why. But in such an environment and everyday a constant stream of people: doctors, nurses, aids, cleaners. people who I learned by their characteristics; the woman with the red hair, the nice on who wakes me up in the night, the blonde one, the smiling clening lady.
Something about everything everything being so normal. a regular guy in a regular situation. He was getting a divorce from a regular girl who had a regular affair. Is there something in the Japanese that makes them obsessed with regular situations and ordinary people? But then the author takes it away and puts this guy in an exceptional circumstance. He is driven, by limousine no less into a special case.

From the silver lighter with the engraving of a sheep to the girlfriend with special ears and special powers. People in this story are only known by what makes them special, by what takes them out of the ordinary.

I got up the courage to ask one of the nurses her name, after I had finished the book. Her name was Tania. Did knowing this make that much difference?