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Trail: WongKarWai



His films are complex and very romantic. Saturated colors and ornamental sets even if it is an urban location. Often the scenes are shot in very small rooms forcing some interesting choices in camera angle. There is alot we can learn from his films.

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ChungKingExpress Multiple stories. In one a girl repeatedly breaks into a man’s house. She is in love with him, but from afar. She doesn’t want to necessarily love him physically. So she comes into his house on days she knows he is away. Just lays around all day going through his things, playing music, she leaves him a goldfish etc. :)
FallenAngels A woman must always prepare the room for a contract killer. She comes in sets up the room then leaves. After he is done with his job she comes in and cleans all the evidence away of his ever being there. She takes the garbage home and goes through it. Falling in love with the man via the things he has left behind.
In The Mood For Love Two people living in apartments adjacent to one another. Often the camera moves between the walls and we see what each person is doing... somhow mirroring each other. The man and woman often meet and play-act as if they are the husband/wife who are cheating on them.
DaysOfBeingWild The theme of men who are cold to women and women who are soft vs women who are hard who all get treated the same in the end. I could watch the last scene of this movie again and again. His love trianlges. The seemingly self-obsessed manner that he makes these films. He follows one direction then another before giving it up completely.
2046 Mainly about a playboy writer and his many conquests. But at some point we find out that what is really on his mind and in his heart is the woman he cannot forget, a woman in his past that he left behind.
Happy Together Two men in love move to Argentina on a quest to see the Iguazu waterfalls (the highest falls in the world) They don’t qutie make it and in fact begin a spiral of unhappiness which leads to their rather violent breakup. It becomes a story of dependence. It is a beautiful portrait of why one love another but knows when to call it quits. A great thread of the main character falling in love with another man but not telling him, this guy goes to the tip of Argentina and listens to a tape of him crying. The protagonist eventully gets back to Hong Kong but not before seeing the falls, by himself.