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Trail: color



see also: FavoriteColor

DeadColor The first layers of paint the artist applies are referred to as dead colour. It is at this stage that the artist indicates the position of the various elements in the composition. Dead colour comprises fairly monotone shades that provide a ground for subsequent development.

current watercolor palette

permanent sap green
winsor green yellow shade
french ultramarine
winsor blue

dioxine violet
alizarin crimson
winsor red
cadmium orange

ivory black
paynes gray
vandyke brown
raw umber
burnt sienna

titanium white
china white

yellow ochre
naples yellow
lemon yellow
winsor yellow
gold (metallic)

historic colors

 R: 249, G:244, B:006 Cadmium Lemon
 R: 244, G:237, B:001 Yellow
 R: 241, G:167, B:016 Cadmium Yellow
 R: 231, G:129, B:053 Cadmium Orange
 R: 225, G:036, B:066 Cadmium Red
 R: 231, G:081, B:110 Rose Madder
 R: 166, G:036, B:046 Alizarin Crimson
 R: 208, G:042, B:064 Permanent Alizarin Crimson
 R: 089, G:179, B:208 Cerulean Blue
 R: 001, G:118, B:188 Cobalt Blue
 R: 069, G:057, B:140 Deep Cobalt Blue
 R: 053, G:079, B:151 French Ultramarine
 R: 047, G:058, B:127 Prussian Blue
 R: 008, G:014, B:019 Indigo
 R: 028, G:087, B:097 Phthalo Blue
 R: 002, G:168, B:119 Viridian
 R: 255, G:243, B:171 Light Naples Yellow
 R: 251, G:219, B:132 Naples Yellow
 R: 205, G:141, B:066 Raw Sienna
 R: 185, G:075, B:048 Burnt Sienna
 R: 137, G:079, B:055 Brown Oxide
 R: 037, G:025, B:029 Vandyke Brown
 R: 255, G:255, B:255 Titanium White