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gRig is a guild with the common pursuit of integrating and generating realities. It is an ecological guild - a group of species that have similar requirements and play a similar role within our community. It is a guild for: (1) Those who generate realities: bringing that which can be actually experienced into existence; (2) Those who integrate realities: combining one world (or state of affairs) with another so that they may become whole. After millennia of underground activity, the guild has decided to become more public in its existence and formally support its members. gRig found this a necessary moment to reveal itself, as present consensus reality is getting thinner and grayer, with a pressing need for reality generation and integration in all spheres of human activity while imagination still exists.

some themes & potential starting points. . .

basic DIY constructions kit

various and sundry.. .

ill have working tomorrow, when im back online, but for
now its still db errors. . .

also, im putting assets in the file manager →