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Trail: liquor



Hyaena’s Blackberry Gin


 Blackberries, 400 g.
 Sugar, 600 g.
 Gin (or vodka), one bottle
 2 large glass flasks (the ones that close hermetically)

Divide blackberries and sugar in 2 parts.
Put the blackberries into the flasks. Cover with the sugar and pour the gin until it reaches the top. Close the flasks, shake well, cover with a black cloth and let them macerate for one-two months. Shake once a week. After one month and a half-two months, it should be ready. By then, strain the mixture through a strainer into a bottle, throw away the berries (or reserve to make confiture if you’re adventurous) and enjoy! It tastes even better served in a tiny glass with a single ice cube, a little iceberg in a magenta lake.