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song of the year: BlindBlindBlind - Silver Mt Zion
continuing my trend of liking strange voices they have a way of looking at the world, communicating it through song, chanting almost, really moving, it moved me, don’t know what i would have done this year without this song. like Joanna Newsom’s Emily was like this for me last year.

mentions: nico muhly, samamidon

artist of the year: Amanda Palmer
I like the underdog. She’s like so many females I’ve known. The ones everybody is telling you you shouldn’t want to be friends with but dammit just sit and talk to her, shes the most interesting person in the whole room. Underestimated, absolutely. She does it so i don’t have to.

Album of the year: Tout Seul Dans Le FĂ´ret en plein jour avez vous peur - Woelv
wailing and moaning. i don’t know why i just loved this album.

runner up: The Slip - nine inch nails

Lifetime achievement award: Momus