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Trail: water



At times, Da Vinci’s mind would ponder the many realms of water as his observations often triggered writing ideas. As a habit, he would jot down or sketch these thoughts along the margins of his papers while working on other subjects. One such series of notes in the upper right hand corner of one of his papers provides us with his outline for a proposed treatise on water. It was divided into fifteen books, with each book dealing with a different aspect of water:

  1. Of Water in Itself
  2. Of the Sea
  3. Of the Veins
  4. Of Rivers
  5. Of the Nature of Bottoms
  6. Of Objects
  7. Of Various Kinds of Gravel
  8. Of the Surface of Water
  9. Of Things Moving in It
  10. Of River Repairs
  11. Of Conduits
  12. Of Canals
  13. Of Machines Turned by Water
  14. Of Raising Water
  15. Of Things Worn Away by Water