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Trail: 1Q84


So funny, it took me 7 months to get through books 1 and 2 and then I breezed through book 3 in just a few days. Murakami sometimes takes a while to get going for me. This is something I noticed with DanceDanceDance as well. With 1Q84 I had a feeling that he didn’t know where the characters would end up, what would be their fate.
Some observations:
The cab driver says “There is only one world.”
Was he wrong?
I like to think that this cab driver, the one who originally lets Aomame out on the expressway, is Murakami himself. sitting at the beginning of the story he is writing trying to put this new universe in order.

Indeed the whole of the story seems to be about how a writer makes this world. In a Pygmalion sense the writer falls in love with the world and the words have the power to change the world.To the point where Tengo finds the only important thing to take with him when leaving that created world is his new unfinished manuscript.

“Its only a paper moon, but it wouldn’t be make believe if you believed in me..”. eh, Murakami ;)

good book.