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Trail: 2003-01-08


it is a funny thing, being married.
i want nothing more than for us to be flowers together.

for our 2nd anniversary we bought a bed!
yes for the past 6 years Michael and I have slept on a mattress on the floor! but not anymore :)
i am gonna make some ramen and we’re gonna watch GhostInTheShell it’s gonna be rad.

for our third annivarsary it was a Sunday. we have had some great times lately with TheEndlessForest taking off. i am thinking of making dandelions today.
he bought us a bouquet of those huge lilies i love. later we will watch a movie on the new dvd player and after that beat each other up in SoulCalibur III. i’ll make lunch, we’ll have some ice cream...

on our 8th anniversary there are roses. and this morning together we saw a rainbow. “ de olie van het lamp.”

for our 10th Anniversary
we got a new mattress. foam. extra firm.
we sold Bientôt l’été with an offer of buy one get one free for your lover.
we went to a restaurant
we went to see Anna Karenina at Sphinx Theater.