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Trail: 2007-01-09


this town
at night

i had to go out at 2:30 am
looking for a pharmacy, a night shop, something, anything
(long story)

and let me just say

this town at 3am
is ready for the zombie invasion.

(i need to take some photos for lli)
because its night lit
looks like “after the fallout”
from bombs that kill only the people and
leave the buildings intact.

it was sorta beautiful
far off sound of a car
or a person walking 3-4 blocks off in the distance

who knows, maybe they’ve already become host to the undead.

the wind blowing strong...
not a living thing in sight
just the water gliding on its path through the canals.
castle towers.

i wish they would let the animals have this city at night
then it wouldn’t be so lonely
walking looking for something open
and nothing is

i want bears
i want unicorns