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Trail: 2007-03-17



after seeing Even More Footage from Little Big Planet i can’t help but think that this is actually the same thing as we are doing with The Endless Forest. We are also making a world providing elements where players make their own game. In their world they want you to make platform-type games (people will come up with other things but ultimately this is what they have in mind for a beginning) whereas we want people to make the sorts of games you would play outside. The elements they provide are physics based where the elements we provide are narrative based symbols. It’s only because the industry is so stuck in its genres that the parallels are not clearer to see. At the same time the fact that a big game like Little Big Planet comes out will only make it easier for us to explain what it is The Endless Forest is as a game. I think that if we could develop this aspect more (time&money) that TEF would become a spectacular toolset for user created gameplay... and visual poetry.