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Mi, 5.2.2020, 18 Uhr
Neue bunte Welt – Computerspiele in den 80ern
Prof. Auriea Harvey, Kunsthochschule Kassel –
Vortrag in englischer Sprache


This talk is dedicated to lesser known facts about videogames in the decade. In the 80s there was a videogame mania. Videogames were present everywhere from arcades to movies and television shows to popular icons such as Pac Man on t-shirts. But videogames have always been a broader medium, so let’s go beyond the icons, dive deep, and look at developers, genres, and subcultures under the surface of the era. MUDs, the Demo Scene, text adventures -The 80’s brought us the first immersive game worlds, coding a game was a source of programmer clout, and the unsung developer heroes, male and female, ushered in the genres which are still with us today. Now more than ever, in an era of diverse videogames, we need to look at an alternate history of the 80s where videogames were sometimes not even games and many of the things we think of as rules were not yet written.

My interest

multiplayer games
virtual reality
videogames on tv (in popular culture)

First Thoughts (wrong or right)

Oregon Trail
Mario via Donkey Kong
Japanese female game designers
Demo scene
Adventure games
The covers vs how they really looked
Common videogames (Pac Man Space Invaders etc.)
Arcade games and their effects for games today
Tempest is the best videogame
Movies and songs based on videogames
Tv-shows game shows
Game Logic in movies games logic in movies
Beginnings of personal computers
Blade runner
Videogames in East Germany
banned video games in germany

Research links

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