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Entropy8see also: TooManyOptions, consolidation, Books

its like opening a box and looking whats inside.
it always has been
it always will be
a surprise.

keep it simple, it is ALIVE not an archive.
on the other hand it is an archive though. it should summarize and bring together the wiki and the journal. it should be a living breathing potfolio. a summary of everything. lifeswork!!
reuse the graphics from the past as if they never died. use these corpses to build a new temple ;) so to speak.
dark black yesyes of course.

present only new projects, short about page, links into the wiki, links to journal and tot and e8z but not this navbar thing thats there now.

use the wiki and scripts because they’re cool.

ah yes, consolidation
a portal?

womanonfire (which is LJ)
akiw (webcam)
email contact

Drama Princess

with Michael:
Tale of Tales (forum)
Entropy8Zuper! (html)
cv link

at first i can just do a frameset with links, but ultimately i will want MORE.

After making Goeles website it hit me.... why not just recreate to damn thing in flash? it would be super simple to do. the most sophisticated thing i was using back then was a rollover. then i woudn’t have problems with navigation either.
better look into it.

The basic structure is there. I am running into problems with the wiki software sigh as expected.
Probably best that I get all the pages made, with graphics with imperfect structure and then re-work them into clean html rather than wiki-fying the syntax (just makes it more needlessly complex... not that its easy cleaning the html either :/) main problem with the wiki is that its sssslllloooooooooooow.

ok so i need to plan a bit how i want to re-create the original Entropy8 experience. In some ways I think it should be a CD-Rom rather than or in addition to a website.

But first, need to go through all the CDs and see what I’ve got.
Must admit i’ts kind of exciting, copying antique files ;)