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Trail: TooManyOptions


Entropy8i see this as a problem with the Empire.
I want something sown together, something whole.
it is hard for me to see this as a whole. Perhaps the new gereation can, but for me it is fragmented and in need of consolidation.
I have a physical need to consolidate the Empire in a way that functions and makes sense. I feel all these “services” pulling in too many directions but here are some for consideration.
Once decisions get made i want to close down the unused accountand really make them unused!!

In some ways VideoIsABook, a binding.
(all of this gives me a headache.)

  1. Wiki = the binding
    1. Flickr
      1. Vimeo
    2. SoundCloud €9/mo €108/yr
      1. LastFM €3/mo €36/yr
      2. emusic €13,99/mo €167,88/yr
    3. LiveJournal $25/yr
      1. Facebook