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ways to backup lj

I wish to build an alternative to LJ.

... better think about it some more. ;)


Leaving LiveJournal?

[new:Auriea:2006-03-14 16:26 UTC] So, I’m seriously considering leaving LJ this time. It feels like breaking up with a boyfriend (um, kinda)
The good thing about that place is its got the best lurking in town. I can just go there and read other people... voyeuristic, yes. Also when i was down there was always one of my friends there to lift my meter a bit. Also it became comforting just knowing its there, and being added to without me even having to look. I know it will be there whenever i got around to checking.

The bad thing about that place is that there’s just too many people there. Most of whom I wouldn’t want to talk to if I met them in person. The atmosphere can get real stupid, real quick. Also I feel that it is keeping me from making a site of my own, its too easy. Also it creates this illusion of utopia thats probably not healthy and obviously not true. There is no control, it is a place caught up in the slavery of todays world and there’s nothing I can do to stop it any more that anyplace else that isn’t built with my own 2 hands.
Since I’ve had a journal there since 1999 its difficult to just up and leave. I could only bear it if I knew I am going to make a better online place for myself somewhere... Something with the good stuff and hopefully avoiding the bad as much as possible.

LiveJournal has been sold to SixApart and I feel like my days there are numbered. But considering that LJ accounted for (at least) half of my social life I fear what effect leaving there will have on me. For one thing, it is the only contact I have with people involved in popular culture. There are a high volume of “cool people” on there and one need never feel apprehensive about talking to anyone. it can be a very nice environment, I just don’t feel much like posting there.
I wonder if this is symptoms--of me becoming more withdrawn, like I used to be when I was younger. Too bad that along with it come feelings of insecurity. if one thing LJ is, its a security blanket, a crutch.1
I don’t quite know what to do with it. I am disappointed that Brad decided to sell LJ. really I am. now that it is out of his hands someone else can kill it, for whatever reason. Over the years the guy has earned my trust though. I don’t think he would just go off haphazardly. But I think I like being in control of my own shit. And that’s another reason I want to move away from the LJ format (on other people servers selling my data to god knows who.)

maybe i am just shying away from the effort. i WANT to be inside my shell. maybe i should fight this.


1. hey, didn’t I once describe my SketchBooks this way?