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“Niet veel water geven,... het zou kunnen een kliene rose bloem groeien” --- bloemwinkelmevrouw

Rex begonias are fairly easy. They have the basic requirements. Good rich potting soil, moist, but not wet, good light, but no direct sun. If the temperature drops below 45 degrees, bring them inside. Hold back on the water in the winter. They will loose some leaves, but don’t be alarmed, that is natural. As they age, they tend to loose the compact look. Simply prune the old growth off and leave the new growth in the center. These pruned pieces that you take off can be started in water and made into new plants.Watch for bugs and slugs or snails. You will need to control them or they will distroy the plants. Try to keep water off of the leaves. Fertilize only if they look like they need it. Don’t fertilize if the temperature is over 90 degrees. Don’t fertilize if the plant is stressed or the soil is too wet or dry. Turn the plant so that the leaves will grow on all sides, unless you prefer the leaves on one side. Pot up to a larger pot only when they are root bound. Only go to the next size pot. Don’t put a small plant in a big pot.
They are beautiful plants, and if all goes well, they should last for many years.1