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Trail: EgyptianMythology



Aker - earth god - two lions, facing opposite directions
Amaunet - snake-headed goddess
Amunhotep, son of Hapu
Ammit - devourer of the hearts of the wicked - head of crocodile, front of leopard, back of hippopotomus
Amun - king of gods, hidden god - man with double plumed crown
Anat - war goddess - Syria, Palestine
Anubis (Anpu) - enbalming and underworld - jackal or jackal-headed man
Anukis (Anket) - huntress, inundation goddess - woman with plumed headdress
Apis - sacred bull
Apophis (Aapep) - snake god - underworld, chaos
Arensnuphis - man with plumed crown - Nubian
Astarte - war goddess - Syrian
Aten - sun disc
Atum - primeval creator god
Baal - Syrian god
Baba - baboon - virility
Banebdjedet - ram - virility
Bastet - cat or cat-headed goddess
Bat - woman with cow’s ears and horns - fertility
Benu - heron - rebirth
Bes - dwarf god - household, childbirth
Buchis - bull
Duamufet - jackal-headed man - Canopic jar (stomach and upper intestines)
Geb - Earth god - fertility
Hapy (Hapi) - Nile god
Hapy - baboon-headed man - Canopic jar (lungs)
Hathor - mother/fertility goddess - cow or woman with cow’s ears and horns and sun disc on head
Hatmehyt - fish
Hauhet - snake-headed goddess
Heket - frog or frog-headed goddess - childbirth
Herishef - long-horned ram with atef crown and sun disc headdress - creator
Horus - falcon or falcon-headed god - king, sky
Hu - in human form
Heh/Huh - frog-headed god
Ihy - in child form - god of music
Imhotep - god of wisdom and medicine
Imsety - in man form - Canopic jar (liver)
Ipy (Ipet) - hippopotamus goddess
Ishtar - Assyrian goddess
Isis - wife of Osiris, mother of Horus
Kautet - snake-headed goddess
Khepri (Khopri) - scarab beetle or man with beetle for head - rising sun
Khnum - ram or ram-headed god - creator
Khonsu - child god of the moon
Kuk - frog-headed god
Maat - goddess of truth and justice - woman with single feather headdress
Mafdet - cat goddess
Mandulis - Nubian god
Mehen - coiled serpent god
Mehet Weret - cow goddess
Meretseger - cobra or cobra-headed goddess
Meskhenet - brick with woman’s head
Mihos - lion god
Min (Minu) - fertility god - man with double-plumed headdress and erect phalus
Mnevis - bull with solar disk between horns
Mont (Montu) - falcon or falcon-headed war god - with sun disc and double-plumed headdress
Mut - vulture (or woman with vulture headdress) mother goddess
Naunet - snake-headed goddess (sometime with a frog head)
Nefertem - man or lion-headed man with lotus headdress or lotus blossom
Neith - goddess of hunting and war - woman with red crown
Nekhbet - vulture goddess with white crown
Neper - god of grain
Nephthys - daughter of Geb and Nut, sister of Osiris, Set, and Isis - often with wings on her arms
Nun - god of primordial waters - sometimes with a frog head
Nut - sky goddess - naked woman with body arched over the earth (the god Geb)
Onuris - warrior/hunter god - carried spear
Osiris - king of the netherworld - mummified man with atef crown
Pakhet - lion goddess
Ptah - creator god - mummified man with skull cap and was-djed-ankh scepter
Qadesh - middle-eastern goddess
Qebehsenuef - falcon-headed man - Canopic jar (lower intestines)
Re (Ra) - creator god - ram-headed or falcon-headed
Renenutet - cobra goddess of harvest and fertility
Reshef/Reshep - Syrian war god
Sah - Orion
Satet/Satis - goddess with white crown and antelope horns
Sekhmet - lion or lion-headed goddess - daughter of Ra
Selket (Serket) - goddess with scorpion headdress - protected the dead
Seshat - goddess of writing
Seth - god of chaos, brother of Osiris and Isis - Seth animal (see picture above) or man with Seth animal head
Shay - god of destiny
Shezmu - netherworld demon of wine
Shu - god of air - son of Atum, brother of Tefnut
Sia - god of knowledge
Sobek - crocodile or crocodile-headed god
Sokar - hawk or mummified man with hawk head - a ruler of the netherworld
Sopdet/Sothis - Sirius - woman with star on head
Tatenen - innundation god - double-plumed crown and ram’s horns
Taweret - hippopotamus goddess - household and childbirth goddess
Tayet - weaving goddess
Tefnut - lion-headed (or cobra) goddess - sister of Shu
Thoth (Djehuty) - scribe of the gods, god of writing and scribes - ibis or ibis-headed or baboon
Wadjet (Uto/Edjo) - cobra or lioness goddess
Wepwawet - jackal or jackal-headed god
Werethekau - lioness-headed goddess - oversees coronation of king