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all the things i wouldn’t throw away
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part of the reason i went to rome is because after all these years have shed the shackles of modernism (admitted that everything i learned in art school was wrong) announcing to myself and the world that antiquity, the Baroque, symbolist/pre-raphelite painting is what i most love. i am sick of techo-cyber art that denies the senses, i have had it with the trend-oid contemporary shit that gets passed for art in museums! I was on a pilgrimage to see all those crazy Bernini sculptures and Roma is full of them! i’ve been on a total obsessive trip about beauty in art for awhile now. i’m trying to figure out when art became purely & totally ugly (in all its forms) and when artists learned to stop caring about their audience.

you could say that all my stuff, since i started working on 3d, has been an attempt to get back to the origins of art. maybe i can’t be classical or retro renaissance because i do believe in technology and love using it. virtual objects are my passion. ...but i think that art should have a function in the world, for people! people need beauty. beauty can be the sweetness that melts the acid of conflict and the hum-hum of day to day life. and moreover beauty is about more than just how things look, especially with interactive work, its about how it feels and what it makes you feel. it is poetry. not replacing life but enhancing it! interaction is the 5th dimension! there is something there, and i am going to explore it, but only if it can be made beautifully. 20060605 ---

Where is the elegant art of our age?
I want to introduce a movement ElegantMedia

I feel that the work Michael and I make should be aiming for this goal. I haven’t quite defined it yet but it is a search for a finer level of media design, rooted in craft, world crafting, elegant interactions, not a circus, not low-brow. Beauty... I will try to find some examples.

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