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Starting Time October 25, 2007, 4:20:00 PM nyc time
(c)1997 John F. Simon, Jr -

I bought it somewhat on a whim. Considering I’d thought about buying a copy ever since I first noticed it, in around 1998, I suppose it cannot be considered an impulse buy. I like how he is still selling it simply, inexpensively, digitally. I like the idea of an “unlimited edition.” I have #158 in a series of infinity!

some text:

When I look at it I am reminded that digital art can be simple. When I am feeling bogged down with complexity it can be refreshing to learn from this work. That the primacy of the idea is what it’s all about. That no matter how complex the image, on a computer screen its all just pixels (but what pixels where?) and within that arrangement of pixels lies boundless possibility. It just takes time. And as one practises one does the same things over and over but progress occurs, the image shifts.