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Trail: HardBoiledWonderlandAndTheEndOfTheWorld



This is the book that Lina said she would most like to illustrate. I can imagine this is the because of all the unicorns. I had the hardest time giving Michael my usual summary of this book as I was reading it. It is two books in one. And it reminded me of the Sadawaar and SketchBook:Book32. It is a sci-fi (not too distant future, not too different future) The biggest changes to have occured in this alternate future are changes to the human mind. The second side to this book is “The end of the world” A fantasy story about a man who is only known as the Dreamreader.
Murakami continues his tradition of not naming all the characters. You feel that you kow them, they are vital and yet you never receive a proper introduction.
I lke that he has Librarians as love interests ;)
He again makes the main character a normal ordinary guy who we happen to catch at a particularly bizarre time of his life. It could happen to you.

I thought the book started rather slowly and I didn’t like being dropped off in the Hard boild wonderland without a map. Calcutecs, Semiotecs, INKlings etc. it was annoying at first. But in time the book got good and I couldn’t put it down. Pink chubby girls of 17... Murakami likes making teenage girls the strong ones, the men weak, and never a hero in the stereotypical sense.
He wins by losing in this one. His two world connceted and united inside himself. A freak of science, or a postmodern commentry...? hmm... a cerebral fantasy!