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Dear Ms. Harvey:

To issue a certificate of Nationality, we would have to see your valid
US passport. You or someone else can bring it in to apply for the
certificate. Our opening hours are Mon-Thu 1.30-3.30 and Fri 9-11. The
fee for the document will be $30 or the equivalent in euros, to be paid
cash or with a credit card.

State Department allows dual citizenship, more information can be found

i sent away for the new passport by mail and got it back in about one week.

Passport Application

By mail

You may apply by mail using Form DS-82 if:

For further information about this procedure:
To download the DS-82:

How to Apply by Mail

    Embassy of the United States of America
    Passport and Citizenship Unit
    Boulevard du Régent/Regentlaan 25
    B- 1000 Brussels

No personal checks are accepted. Please do not send cash by mail!

Registered Mail

Please allow ten workdays in addition to normal mail time between your home and Brussels.

Photo Requirements

Please note that the Consular Section is unable to use the smaller Belgian identification and passport photos. Please make sure that the photos you submit meet State Department requirements.

The consular section has established a list with photographers which can produce passport pictures which fulfil the requirements outlined above. Please click here if you want to consult this list.

You may pay by credit card. We cannot accept personal checks. To pay by credit card, click here.

Adult renewal: $ 55 + $12 surcharge = $67