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Trail: Synthetic Corpo-Reality

Synthetic Corpo-Reality


Synthetic Corpo-Reality is inspired by the extended artwork of Martina Menegon who explores issues of the contemporary self alongside its synthetic corpo-reality. This exhibition examines the work by international artists who have chosen the body as a vessel for the realization of their artistic goals. There is a new more encompassing definition of “sculpture art” in the digital age or post-digital age. Artists using computers to create images of the body do so in a variety of digital mediums including photography, video, multi channel animations, 3D printer scans, sketch-fab, GIFs, AI softwares, augmented reality, 360 experiences and virtual reality.

For this show I create La Vita Nova, an immersive environment and soundscape in Mozilla Hubs.

when i was 46 it was the year after a deep depression. the year before I had learned about choosing. when i turned 46 i learned what it was to have chosen. I would go to a park and recite epic poetry to now one. X.L.V.I. was the year I read Dante, in The Vita Nova, he writes about reconstructing his life around love. about meeting his Beatirice, and her death, and about creation. On my 46th birthday I forgave myself. I made two 3d scans to mark the occasion. Now why do i bring this back, now when I am 49? I feel I have completed the cycle that began then. when i look back at the timeline, i see a clear line that began right then, with my choosing a new life, a life that i am living right now. At 46, choosing to write incipit vita nova in ink at the top of a new sketchbook.The decision to make two scans of myself, celebrating alone on my birthday, holding a single white rose and a day later offering myself the entire bouquet. In this particular realtime rendering of these scans I place those 2 scans in a crossroads of ethereal hallways. Also present are two other scans made as a basis for a project about Mary Magdalene… these have nothing to do with the main narrative here or choosing or my turning 46. but, they do show danger, crossing and covering my choice like a death card in tarot. In these dark hallways you hear me reciting Dante from vita nova and the opening lines of inferno. i hope my italian accent isn’t too offensive. there are also a few lines from the sketchbook of that year. the closer you get to any of the statues the more they dissolve away. take from that what you will.

Curated by Julie Walsh for MEET Digital Arts Center, Milan
Group show with:
Zhou Xiaohu (Shanghai)
Miao Xiaochun (Beijing/Berlin)
Martina Menegon(Vienna/Italy)
Claudia Hart (New York/Chicago)
Tim Deussen (Berlin)
Sophie Kahn (New York/Australia)
Carla Gannis (New York)
Nancy Baker Cahill (Los Angeles)
Rebecca Allen(Los Angeles)
Tamiko Thiel (Munich/America)
Auriea Harvey (Rome)