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Trail: TheBeginningOfAFilm



when you first see the village, as the opening credits play, all is winter - cold and gray snow and ice, winter. the houses of the village are closed and not a person can be seen. slowly time speeds up and the ice begins to melt the sky turns from ice to blue. clouds blow gently across the sky. we see shots of blossoms opening and sprouts begin to sprout. a child wipes the frost from a window, looks out of the window and smiles. suddenly people begin to open their doors, as spring gives way gradually to summer. the sun shines, looking golden, and children come outside to play. women and men start roaming the main street in town. somewhere, someone is playing music on an accordeon, on a mandolin, on a harmonica. as the sun goes down on this glorious autumn night, men and women begin to sing. then time stands, slows, to its normal pace as the real story is about to begin...