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Trail: TheGreatGatsby



This book surprised me with its simplicity. Maybe it is a bit too obvious a story for the 21st century. I was not at all surprised it ended the way it did, though I bet it must have been shocking in the last century.
The book made me think about capitalism and its effects on people. The “class struggle” that went on. People not content with just being rich they must be rich and bored too.
I did enjoy the writing. Some jokes, references and slang are lost in time. The years make things like prohibition and WW1 (“The Great War”) they called it seem misty. The ideas of the Jazz age... while the parties haven’t aged the philosophy has. Jazz as a lifestyle, maybe we’ve all just absorbed it. Jazz is something for the museum now, it seems. So the book is a bit too familiar with itself... I kept imagining one of those old films, in black and white, with the actors reactions one second off, to everything.
This is not going to be one of my favorite books of all time, but i am glad i read it.

and i like the name Myrtle.