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It goes without saying that I have alot of words in me. I hear poetry and prose in my head but there is no immediacy in written expression for me. It has to do with choices of words so perhaps this is linked to my issues concerning DecisionMaking.
I feel that I could write. That I should write. I could, like I do sometimes with images, learn from writers that I like alot. Copy their techniques a bit then find my own spin on it. But the words that flow from my brain to my fingers are often garbled thoughts, one interrupted by the next... filled with typos and punctuation errors. I guess no artist makes a first draft and calls it finished (except for conceptuals) so perhaps this is also my problem with patience and my love/hate relationship with fragmented structures. I think fragmentary writings can work but it seems too easy, just as I find my sentence structutres dull and lacking.
some solutions: