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Trail: eulogy


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we who are used to making something out of nothing.
the building place
de bouwgrond
is in the mind
of us
and other people.
in your mind,
that is our domain.

to now make a physical manifestation seems so wrong.
it is all in here.
for better or for worse
this is the place we share
with whomever happens to be around.

the real world, while feeling more real lately
still pales
still feels woefully incomplete
to this with all its flaws.

i still seek as we have always sought
a more perfect blendind of the two places of my life
could it be that far from being harmful in here lay just another way of being
a lesson for living.
a way to be in direct contact with the eye
and the eye of the mind
the ear
and what is heard
the word
and what it may mean.

i never could come to a conclusion.
born into one era and building another
i remain
conflicted but resolute
that there must be a balance
and i have to find it
in this world or the next.