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I like things to be super clear. I like them to be -rich. I like JazzStandards and FairyTales. Things don’t need to be a dream. I want reality to be real and thats dreamy enough.

see also: FearOfReality, OOO, Consolidation



2017-02-27 Goals

  1. SacredArt
  2. Ruins
  3. OldMaps - ancient visions of the world, ancient visions of the cosmos
  4. 3dPrinting
  5. ProjectorBeamer
  6. OneMillionDollars

  1. MasterDrawing
  2. cathedrals
  3. d&d
  4. Photogrammetry
  5. max/jitter
  6. grammar/poetry/procedural text
  7. power & grace
  8. twine biography

  1. TwitterBots
  2. Photogrammetry
  3. Blogging is the new LJ
  4. Bringing back the Live mirror
  5. MaxMspJitter
  6. Twine


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one of the reason people tell stories could be to get rid of their FearOfReality. make it about someone else... take liberties.... entertain. this is expression, no? create a fiction to offset the real. seems like a good idea. and you can build it how you like. who cares if its true?


Japanese Language Self-study
I’m krazy for kanji!



reading and writing. As a medium it is still for me the king.


I think I am addicted! I think everything should be wiki-fied!

making little computer applications of dubious functionality

I love Paris

we recently visited Paris again. I fall in love with it every time. It is idiotic for me to be in this bilingual country and not speak any french at all anyway.