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  1. Clay3dPrinting
  2. 3dPrinting
  3. OldMasters
  4. OilPainting
  5. PaintingWithMaterials
  6. PolygonDrapery
  7. composition

2017-02-27 Goals

  1. SacredArt
  2. Ruins
  3. OldMaps - ancient visions of the world, ancient visions of the cosmos
  4. 3dPrinting
  5. ProjectorBeamer
  6. OneMillionDollars

  1. MasterDrawing
  2. cathedrals
  3. d&d
  4. Photogrammetry
  5. max/jitter
  6. grammar/poetry/procedural text
  7. power & grace
  8. twine biography

  1. TwitterBots
  2. Photogrammetry
  3. Blogging is the new LJ
  4. Bringing back the Live mirror
  5. MaxMspJitter
  6. Twine


something about:

3d polygons
3d printed objects as sculpture
application code as bookbinding
charcoal and ink
big heavy books
sincere stories
paper paper paper
immersed in a 3d world
books as architecture
wiki as self portraiture
self portraiture as autobiography
drawing to understand the world for yourself
drawing as a way of explaining
drawing as memory
seeing in the mind and it comes out as drawing
automatic drawing
the warmth of electronics
the sound of charcoal on paper
the Internet
laptops as unique book objects as worlds

Thing is I like things to be super clear. I like them to be -rich. I like JazzStandards and FairyTales. Things don’t need to be a dream. I want reality to be real and thats dreamy enough.
see also: FearOfReality

other topics, see also:

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one of the reason people tell stories could be to get rid of their FearOfReality. make it about someone else... take liberties.... entertain. this is expression, no? create a fiction to offset the real. seems like a good idea. and you can build it how you like. who cares if its true?


Japanese Language Self-study
I’m krazy for kanji!



reading and writing. As a medium it is still for me the king.


I think I am addicted! I think everything should be wiki-fied!

making little computer applications of dubious functionality

I love Paris

we recently visited Paris again. I fall in love with it every time. It is idiotic for me to be in this bilingual country and not speak any french at all anyway.